Our Tribe

“We are one. We are Kosmo.”

We decorate the world with our patterns

Kosmo is more than just a textile design studio based in London.

Kosmo is a hub of highly qualified print designers joining forces from across the world, expressing themselves through a wide range of handwritings and styles. Global awareness, variety and dedication have been the main ingredients for our unique patterns, colour combinations and overall aesthetic.

We have been travelling the world for the past seven years in constant search for inspiration. Europe, Brazil, Australia, India, USA...
The list goes on and our heritage translates into a deep understanding of cultural trends around the world and how these impact the fashion industry. Paradoxically, we are now more (social) distant than we have ever been, yet more connected than ever.
We are one.
We are Kosmo.

As there is no planet B, we are creating our own Kosmo of prints where time, authenticity and sustainability are core values.
We are devoted to time as it translates into high quality patterns. We combine our hand made motives with digital manipulation
to create one-of-a-kind prints ready to be sent to your printers.
(Fully layered high waility psd file world-wide exclusivity).

Authenticity brings us closer to our truth (and to each other) and gives us the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. In a world of excess and overproduction, we are bringing back our attention to our here and now prioritising sustainability.

We work with non-toxic environmental-friendly materials, have reduced carbon footprint massively by moving our collection online and we are constantly keeping an eye out on a zero-waste policy.

Our trend direction is not merely based on the new print seen on the catwalk but on cultural awareness that represents your vibe and attracts your tribe.

Welcome to Kosmo!

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Immerse yourself in our unique Kosmo of textile design inspired by hidden gems around the world. Your vibe attracts your tribe.

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